GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual SDS Software and Services.
GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual SDS Software and Services.


GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual Services GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual Services

Create documents in Microsoft® Word using our software and switch language effortlessly.

Low cost software for authoring SDS using a comprehensive phrase databank of professionally developed expressions in up to 35 global languages including Cyrillic and Asian. At £400 or €500, Writer provides a cost-effective solution for consortia and SMEs as well as companies with limited needs for MSDS.

  • Stand-alone, low-cost software for SME’s and distributors
  • Create national SDS in Microsoft® Word
    • that are compliant now with the Annex for the ext-SDS when you wish
    • that are readily updated for future REACH and GHS requirements
    • that include company logos, hazard symbols etc.
  • Generate multilingual labels in Microsoft® PowerPoint or Word
  • Create your documents in your language AND output them in other languages at the touch of a button
  • Add other GlobalMSDS™ Languages
    • Available in 33 languages as and when you need them
    • WE, CEE and Asian languages at €330 (£250) each exc VAT
    • Or as language sets
  • Extend your range of images
    • UN carriage symbols
    • GHS images and those of other countries

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