GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual SDS Software and Services.
GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual SDS Software and Services.

About Us

GlobalMSDS is the world leader in software for the production of high quality Safety Data Sheets (SDS and eSDS) with fully customisable layouts and output in over 35 languages.

The GlobalMSDS team has applied its extensive experience in hazard communication and commercial practice to meet the needs of the industry. Our software incorporates many unique, innovative aspects that have been identified as lacking in existing commercial systems.

Our software is low cost, user-friendly and Windows/Cloud-based with strengths of simplicity and versatility. Utilising Unicode it will work with all global languages (including those with Cyrillic and Asian script) and can take any symbol (such as hazard & risk) and image (e.g. logo or flash) that a user wishes to include.

We offer a wide range of services available for clients who wish to outsource their SDS as well as for SIEFs who are looking to co-develop their ext-SDS. By using our in-house linguists, we can assure you of a quick turn-around.

We pride ourselves in being experts in our respective fields. We can provide classifications for CLP and the various variants of GHS. Our experts are here to help you, so please feel free to browse through our services and software.

Whether you are a Multinational, SME, Consortia or SIEF, GlobalMSDS can provide a low cost solution to all your SDS needs.

Please Contact Us to request additional information, or telephone on +44 (0)845 680 1180

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